Laser Cutting Machine in Decoration Industry

In this study, a cadmium sulfide (CdS) line with a diameter of 204 nm and a length of 15 μm was used as the core design of the optical cavity (Fig. 1). The high refractive index of the nanowires causes the incident light to have a high reflectivity factor at the end face and be guided by the nanowires. This arrangement forms the Fabry-Burrow cavity, which, when activated by an external light source, forms a laser. The blue laser wavelength thus formed depends on the refractive index around it. By measuring the wavelength of the laser output, the refractive index of the liquid immersed in the nanowires can be determined.

red laser pointer

There are a variety of methods for surface nanocrystallization of materials. There are a large number of surface nanocrystallization technologies. It is a surface layer which can realize the nano-characteristics by means of laser surface treatment technology and nanometer technology. It can be collectively referred to as laser surface nanocrystallization technology; More generally referred to as laser nano-surface engineering technology, is directly or mainly the use of laser this specific technical means to directly change or add material to change the surface of the solid material is treated, the composition or structure, so that the formation of nano-crystal Grain or a certain nanoparticle composition of the surface layer. Or the use of high power laser etching, laser embossing, laser hair, laser micro-nano modeling and other means to achieve nano-structure on the surface of the material.

Laser shock peening (LSP) is a kind of high and new technology to improve the fatigue, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of metal materials by using plasma shock wave produced by laser beams. The impact of laser surface nanocrystallization technology as shown in Figure 6, when the short pulse (NS) high power density (GW/cm2) of the laser irradiation to the metal surface absorption layer, absorbing layer to absorb laser energy explosive vaporization, high pressure (GPa) plasma, the plasma is constrained layer constraint, produce high impact wave effect on the metal surface and to the internal communication, the formation of dislocation structure dense and stable on the surface of the material, plastic deformation by dislocation slip, and the shock wave at the grain boundary reflection and refraction, the shock wave in multi direction effect on grain, thus the complexity of the dislocation slip, agglomeration and annihilation after the formation of new grain boundary, sub grain formation and smaller nanocrystals.

Air cutting: the advantage is very low processing costs, only need to consider the green laser pointer itself and air compressor electricity can be, without the need to produce high auxiliary gas costs, and cutting efficiency in the sheet can match the nitrogen cutting, is a kind of economic And efficient cutting method. But the shortcomings in the cutting surface is also obvious. First of all, the air cutting section will produce the bottom of the burr, laser processing products must also go through the deburring and other secondary processing, is not conducive to the entire product production cycle. Second, the air cutting section is easy to black, affecting the quality of the product. Therefore, the green laser pointer processing without the need for follow-up can not be reflected, so in the galvanized steel for the processing, many companies are reluctant to choose the way of air cutting.

At present, the stainless steel laser cutting machine with its beam of good quality, high precision, small slits, smooth cut, flexible cutting arbitrary graphics and other characteristics are widely used in metal processing industry, decoration engineering industry is no exception, the following we look at Look at the application of stainless steel laser pen cutting machine in decoration industry.

Laser cutting system is constantly improving the high-tech, information technology, relative to the traditional mechanical manufacturing technology, another revolution, the stainless steel decoration industry has produced a huge role in promoting. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the technology will play an increasingly important role, and bring huge economic benefits.