Laser Weapon Change the World Greatly


However, there is a kind of advanced burning laser equipment seems to be able to solve this problem, this equipment is Phree.Phree is a new input divice and will be launched later this year, this is a senior mobile input device,mainly use 3D laser Technology, the device is designed to draw the handwritten content to allow the user capture their thoughts.Users can draw the content in a device on the surface, but the input content can be displayed on another board.Under the help of Phree, users can post, tablet computer, and can immediately display in the user equipment page through a simple Bluetooth connection, then saved to the cloud platform.

A pen and a pencil or a computer intelligent can improve productivity and creativity, but in the use of these high powered laser devices, users will still face some problems, especially the use of these devices in addition to special compatible display screen, tablet computer, notebook or application.

30000mw Laser Pointer Blue

Even if the user Phree in your pocket, the 100mw Laser Pointer also allows users to record all kinds of information, marking various documents and pictures, and even send with emoticon message, without the need for writing on the screen.The design style and the user the stylus palm and pocket are very compatible.

At first glance, 200mw Laser Pointer is like a pen, but after a closer look, you will find that this device also has the further integration of intelligent wearable technology and networking technology.The input function of Phree were complex, including notes, write text messages, send e-mail, or even answer the call.In addition, Phree also can serve as a headset, exhale and answer the phone.Different with the traditional pen, Phree use accurate motion tracking laser technology related to the display of intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, computer, TV or smart watch HD content mark.Because users write on the surface of the screen is different from the busy - eye coordination -- thus, through Phree devices, users will be able to more clearly see the input to the content on a display screen.