The key factor of high energy laser weapon


High energy laser weapons mainly rely on the following three kinds of effects to carry out the destruction the target:When burning laser beam irradiate the target, the huge energy transformed into heat energy. At the same time, the part of the droplets and solid particles, so that the target surface perforation and destructionCompared with the fire weapon, the laser weapon has the following six characteristics:Laser beam reach the targets at the speed of light. At present, all military targets, including altitude satellite, relative to the speed of light is a stationary target, so when shooting don't need advance.

Laser weapon VS nuclear weapon

Volley multi-objective, emitting a 100mw Laser Pointer beam without recoil, easy to quickly transform the direction of fire and shooting high frequency, can volley incoming targets in a short period of time.Laser weapons are non nuclear weapons, unlike nuclear weapons, in addition to shock, heat radiation and other serious damage, but also the existence of long-term radioactive contamination, resulting in large-scale pollution areas.Although laser weapon production costs are high, but due to long-term use, and each launch cost is very low, still has quite high cost-effectiveness.Laser transmission is not interfered by external electromagnetic interference, so it is difficult to use electromagnetic interference to avoid the attack of laser weapons.

In order to deal with the threat of antiship missile,defense system must find the target as soon as possible, increasing detection distance of the sensor to target so that there is sufficient response time for system; Using multiple layers of defense system to develop the world's most powerful laser pointer weapon systems and improve the precision of damage.

The main characteristics of foreign weapon systems.
A. reaction time is short. Due to the low altitude radar distance is short, the response time of the foreign weapon systems general is about 6S, for ultra high speed flying target, tracking and shooting directly so as to shorten the reaction time.
B. with all-weather working ability. Some weapon system can even use the infrared thermal imaging technology.
C. anti jamming performance is good.

 30000mw blue laser Pointer

American high energy laser weapon system

The United States Navy set up a naval high energy laser (HEL) Program Management Office (PMS-405) in 1971 , intended build a high energy 200mw Laser Pointer weapon system . The initial plan focused on the construction of an experimental high energy laser system based on the then most mature CO2 aerodynamic laser technology. But by the mid 1970s, focus on the development of chemical laser. The navy has awarded TRW a contract to design and build a chemical laser (NACL) for the Navy's advanced research projects agency, which is an order of magnitude higher than its predecessor's laboratory prototype. At the same time, the target / tracker (NPT), which is made by the Hughes Co, is used as a light beam control device. NACL/NPT combination is much better than any previous laser weapon system, and provides valuable engineering experience for the integration of laser and beam control devices.This achievement is the most credible evidence of the possible level of high energy laser weapons at that time, and laid the foundation for entering the "sea stone" (Sealite) program.