Current situation of the development of solid state laser and ultra fast laser



History of laser technique

The development of the burning laser technique has been more than 60 years, its application covers almost all the industrial areas, except for light industrial, automotive, aerospace, power and energy industry, it is gradually come to the fine and micro manufacturing fields expand, a strong impetus to the electronics manufacturing, integrated circuit, communication, machinery micro processing, medical, dental, beauty equipment and new application development.

Even in the global economic downturn, the laser market is still a good performance, including solid state lasers, ultrafast lasers, laser technology in precision machining, micro machining field showing sustained growth. Especially in China, although 2015 GDP growth dropped to 6.9%, hit the lowest growth rate since 1990, the laser industry there is still good growth.

 30000mw blue laser Pointer

According to the research report, the global 5000mw Laser market will grow from $10 billion 90 million in 2015 to $14 billion 670 million in 2022, an average annual compound growth rate of 5.33%.China industrial laser market sales revenue of about $530 million, accounting for 19.2% of the world, but the market growth rate is relatively fast, in 2015 an increase of 18.9%.

Cold working technology to promote the development of solid state lasers and ultrafast lasers

Compared with the optical fiber and CO2 200mw Green Laser , the advantage of the narrow pulse width of the solid laser is outstanding, and can achieve the fine micro machining that other laser can not achieve ". These lasers have large output energy, high peak power, compact structure, durable, price appropriate; the number of types of processing; there are a variety of wavelength selectable, narrow pulse width, etc.. Especially with the appearance of a large number of high performance materials, the performance of the solid state lasers has been greatly improved, so that the solid state lasers will be expanded to more emerging applications.

2015, the global sales revenue of the solid Red Laser Pointer market sales of about $470 million, China is about $100 million. The global manufacturing sector has more than half the market in Asia, most of them in China, but also make China one of the most important market for solid laser. Ener laser, spectra physics such as a group of the strength of the enterprises to promote solid laser in the application of China made a significant contribution. And the global consumer electronics market unpopular, especially smartphones to accelerate the replacement, such as fingerprint module, sapphire cover new application has covered many models, the fine micro processing put forward more requirements, will greatly promote sales of solid state laser.